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OSX Leopard XML parsing problem

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The SPEP fails to parse metadata correctly on OSX Leopard giving the following error: (extra debug output included).

2008-01-14 13:47:06 [ERROR] spep::MetadataThread - Invalid metadata document. Unmarshalling failed: SAXException while unmarshalling metadata
2008-01-14 13:47:06 [ERROR] spep::MetadataThread - Cause: Invalid document structure
Exception thrown in execution of SAML2lib unmarshaller
SAXException while unmarshalling metadata
at /usr/local//include/saml2-0.3/saml2/handlers/impl/UnmarshallerImpl.h:862
Caused by:
Invalid document structure

It's worth noting that the Java SPEP could parse the document correctly, and it was verified that the document had the correct encoding and looked correct in memory at the time.

This could be a potential platform-related issue with the way we are using Xerces

"This is related to http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XERCESC-1502
Will need to update WIP install doco for Mac to correct this.

Xerces on Intel Macs has the wrong endianness.

src/xerces/util/Platforms/MacOS/MacOSDefs.hpp has the following:

But Intel Macs are little endian."

Related issues

related to Enterprise Sign-On Engine - Feature #12 Upgrade to support XSD 3.2.0 & Xerces 3.0.1 New 04/29/2009


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Can't fix this, it's an issue with Xerces which should be solved by the upgrade to 3.x (#12)

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