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Apache hangs if a request has been received before spepd has finished starting.

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Target version:Apache-SPEP-0.8


The Apache module will wait indefinitely for spepd to accept its connection and cause the user agent to hang while waiting. If all Apache worker processes/threads are exhausted waiting for spepd to come up, startup will fail as ESOE will be unable to contact the SPEP.

This will cause the startup process to hang for a few minutes while ESOE times out the connection, and can cause an outage of several minutes. After the connection has timed out, ESOE sends back a failure response and users will get an error message in their browser, unlocking all the worker processes/threads.

Suggested solution is to return this error condition any time spepd is unavailable to process requests immediately.

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Added by S M 3143 days ago

Further changes to adapt ClientSocket to the new socket api.

We now throw an exception if a socket fails to connect after a certain retry limit (currently hard coded to 0).
Closes #36


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