From 06/22/2009 to 07/21/2009


09:18 AM Feature #12: Upgrade to support XSD 3.2.0 & Xerces 3.0.1
Tested XSD 3.2.0 code, works. Just need to test Xerces now. S M
09:07 AM Feature #8: Logging improvements
API is in, just need to add more/better logging. S M


10:34 AM Revision 3edf865fdd39ec027a59d0f5992184701aff802a: Just warn if is not set, don't bail.
Just warn if is not set, don't bail. Luke Daley


09:12 AM Bug #33: RPM spec doesn't do ldconfig correctly
For Redhat machines, there's a directory /etc/ which, if not populated with the installed lib's location, will overwrite the ld cache and cause the application to break. Need to fix the RPM spec to set this up correctly. S M
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