From 09/02/2009 to 10/01/2009


11:31 AM Improvement #36: Apache hangs if a request has been received before spepd has finished starting.
The Apache module will wait indefinitely for spepd to accept its connection and cause the user agent to hang while waiting. If all Apache worker processes/threads are exhausted waiting for spepd to come up, startup will fail as ESOE will be unable... S M


10:35 AM Bug #35: Metadata sources are untrusted by default
By default, metadata sources are flagged as untrusted, which means they are unmarshalled without signature validation. This could create a vulnerability in certain situations, though it is mitigated by using https on the metadata endpoint. S M


05:19 PM Revision a9889bbee2c90927b91d80745cb2deab640a857e: Added the confluencejira integrator back to so...
Added the confluencejira integrator back to source control. For some reason this project disappeared during a previous svn -> svn migration. S M
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