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39 BugNormalxml-apis.jar in spep webapp context can break OC4J02/19/2010 02:11 PM
37 ImprovementLowPDP doesn't handle spepIdentifier renames correctly10/02/2009 10:49 AMESOE Core
29 FeatureLowFormatted interval/timeout parameters to monitor type classes05/21/2009 11:42 PMESOE Core
28 DocumentationNormalCreate ESOE flow chart05/21/2009 11:42 PMESOE Core
27 BugNormalESOE single logout hangs when an SPEP is unresponsive.05/21/2009 11:41 PMESOE Core
26 FeatureNormalIntroduce the ability to configure whether cookies are secure.05/21/2009 11:41 PMESOE Core
25 FeatureLowComplete support for HTTP Redirect05/21/2009 11:41 PMESOE Core
24 DocumentationLowProvide some sample code in web application to detect that browser cookies are disabled05/21/2009 11:40 PM
20 FeatureLowImprove attribute release security05/21/2009 11:38 PM
19 FeatureLowDynamic Attribute Updates05/21/2009 11:37 PMESOE Core
18 BugHighSPEP registration in the database is per-entity, not per-node as it should be05/21/2009 11:36 PMESOE Core
17 FeatureNormalAdd external users to confluence group05/21/2009 11:36 PMSPEP Integrators
11 BugNormalIdentifierCacheImpl takes to long to complete cleanCache04/29/2009 06:33 AM
9 BugLowRepeated error messages on Intel Mac OSX 10.507/23/2009 01:56 PMSPEP (Apache)
7 FeatureHighVerify that signing key belongs to issuer05/21/2009 11:26 PMESOE Core
6 BugNormalValidate xalan.jar and jaxb-jvm1.4.jar as being required in endorsed directories04/29/2009 06:31 AM
5 BugLowExtra nulls appended to authn request05/21/2009 11:25 PM
4 FeatureLowRemove SPEP Authn bean depecency on HttpRequest and HttpResponse05/21/2009 11:25 PMSPEP (Java)
3 FeatureLowChange the way cookie clear operates05/22/2009 09:45 AMSPEP (all)
2 BugNormalMySQL creation script does not set handle case when log_bin_trust_function_creators = 005/21/2009 11:24 PMESOE Deployer
1 BugHighENTITYID field is too long05/21/2009 11:23 PMESOE Deployer

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