ESOE Core Downloads

Binary releases of ESOE are not currently provided. The ESOE Project can be built from the sources at

The following example build steps assume that ant is on your path, and has Ivy configured.

~$ export ESOE_BUILD_ARGS="-Desoe.version=0.9.5 -Desoebuild=/path/to/esoeproject/esoebuild" 
~$ cd /path/to/esoeproject/esoebuild
esoeproject/esoebuild$ ant $ESOE_BUILD_ARGS -f esoe-dev-setup.xml build
esoeproject/esoebuild$ cd ../esoecore
esoeproject/esoecore$ ant $ESOE_BUILD_ARGS resolve:all release

Other projects are built similarly to esoecore.

SPEP Downloads

Integrate web applications with the ESOE.

SPEP Downloads are available from the Files page.

Also available in: HTML TXT