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S M, 03/03/2010 10:42 AM


ESOE Core Downloads

Binary releases of ESOE are not currently provided. The ESOE Project can be built from the sources at http://github.com/esoeproject/esoeproject

The following example build steps assume that ant is on your path, and has Ivy configured.

~$ export ESOE_BUILD_ARGS="-Desoe.version=0.9.5 -Desoebuild=/path/to/esoeproject/esoebuild" 
~$ cd /path/to/esoeproject/esoebuild
esoeproject/esoebuild$ ant $ESOE_BUILD_ARGS -f esoe-dev-setup.xml build
esoeproject/esoebuild$ cd ../esoecore
esoeproject/esoecore$ ant $ESOE_BUILD_ARGS resolve:all release

SPEP Downloads

Integrate web applications with the ESOE.

SPEP Downloads are available from the Files page.

Also available in: HTML TXT