Welcome to the Enterprise Sign On Engine developers space. This space contains all the downloads, documentation and links to helpful places you will need to get started with developing custom integrators, SPEP modules and more for the ESOE. We suggest that you take advantage of some of the features here such as RSS feeds, page watches and space watches to ensure your up to date with all the information which will be collated here.

Development Environment

Development environment setup
Configuring build environment for Java
Configuring build environment for C++

Git Access

git clone git://

Commit access
Fork the esoeproject repository on GitHub. Feel free to send pull requests to the esoe-dev list, for review.

Commits that bring in binaries, bad code, or bugs will be rejected.

Component Design Documentation

ESOE Design
ESOE Design Diagram

Support and Mailing Lists

ESOE Developers Mailing List
ESOE Users Mailing List

GSOC 2008

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