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Welcome to the Enterprise Sign On Engine users space.

This space contains all the downloads, documentation and links to helpful places you will need to get the ESOE functioning quickly and correctly in your environment. We suggest that you take advantage of some of the features here such as RSS feeds, page watches and space watches to ensure your up to date with all the information which will be collated here.

Installation Documentation

Core components

ESOE Installation Guide
- ESOE Installation Additions - Debian
- ESOE Installation Additions - Redhat
- ESOE Installation Additions - Apache and Mod Proxy AJP
Securing ESOE in Unix Environments
Registering an SPEP with ESOE Manager
Java SPEP Installation Guide
Apache SPEP Installation Guide
- OSX Apache SPEP

Authentication Handlers

ESOE to Active Directory Authentication Handler Installation Guide

Authentication Delegators

ESOE to Shibboleth Authentication Delegator Installation Guide
ESOE to OpenID Authentication Delegator Installation Guide

Application Integrators

Integrating ESOE with Google Apps for your domain
Integrating ESOE with Blackboard
Integrating ESOE with Oracle Single Sign-On
Integrating ESOE with Confluence
SPEP Grails Plugin

Administration Documentation

ESOE Administration

ESOE Administrators Guide
Configuring Authorization Policies
Policy Templates

SPEP Administration

Configuring Authorization Policies
Policy Templates

Support and Mailing Lists

ESOE Features
ESOE License
ESOE Users Mailing List
ESOE Developers Mailing List



ESOE Downloads


SPEP Downloads

Application Integration

Application Integration Downloads

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