Registering an SPEP with ESOE Manager

Navigate to the "Register Service" page of the ESOE Manager.

Enter values for the following fields:

Field Description
Service name Human readable name for the service
Service URL Base URL or "home" of the service - the main entry point for a user agent
Service Identifier Identifier of the service must be a URI, generally this is the same as the value entered above
Service description A description of what the service does
Service Authz Failure A message to be displayed by the central authorization failure page when access to one of your resources has been denied. This may contain HTML markup.

Click Next.

Add Service Contacts

Select the contact type from the list, and enter the other details for the contact.
When this is filled in, click "Save contact".

You may edit and delete contacts after they have been saved. After you have finished entering contacts, click Next.

Add Service Nodes

The "SPEPNode URL" is used as the base URL for the SPEP endpoints. The different service locations here are paths to the service endpoints, using the SPEPNode URL as a base.

Select the server technology you are using. The default values for the endpoint paths will work for a default SPEP deployment.

Click Save Node. You may add more nodes and edit or delete nodes that have already been added.

After you have finished entering nodes, click Next.

Finalize registration process

From this page you may check the information you have entered, and also navigate back to previous pages to make any alterations by clicking the Previous button.

Once you are happy with the configuration, click Complete.